Isle of Raasay

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Raasay Engineering Ltd is carrying on from where D M Macleod Engineering is leaving off. Simon Whitehead has taken over the business and Donald, after many years service to the industry, is planning to retire. Donald is, however, still with us in an advisory capacity which ensures stability during this transition phase.


 Hydraulic Pot Haulers

R3/R4-1/4 to 1/2 ton.10" dia.
R7/R8-1/2 to 3/4 ton.12" dia.
R9-R10-3/4 to 1 ton. 14" dia.
R15-1 1/2 ton. 17" dia.

Thirty years experience building pot haulers has gone into the making of the present range of seven models. 

All the heads are hot dip galvanized with special stops on the P-bracket heads and mounting posts to prevent swinging inboard and provides positive locking for safety when parked.

The sheaves are hard wearing cast iron with ample material for repeated facing.

On the P-bracket heads the control valves are mounted direct to the motor and a serial number is welded on each head before galvanizing for security. 

Mounting posts are adjustable for height and a variety of brackets for fixing are available.

The R8 and R10 can be supplied with a hydraulic damper mounting to regulate the swing if required.

We also manufacture Davits, Hanging Blocks, Star Wheels for scallop and mussel culture and manual line reels for mackerel fishing.


R3 R4

The R3 uses the same mechanical parts but is made for mounting inboard, on a bulkhead or to the gunwale, and hauling over a block.


The R4 is the smallest P-bracket
model in the range, suitable for boats from 5 meters and can be supplied with power pack for boats with outboard engines only.



The Popular R10 1 ton hauler has now been improved to make it more user friendly by balanding the head to prevent it swinging in rough conditions. The head will still follow the rope and full contact of the rope on the sheaves is maintained by the nylon guide pulley.

By Cranking the top section of the post the clearance of the rope from the gunwale is maintained and, for coming alongside, the post can be turned inboard to protect the hauler.

Full details of this hauler and all our other products for the fishing industry can be obtained by contacting us by phone, fax or email.

NOTE: This web page is archived. Visit