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Silver Bangles with stone sets

Silver Bangles with precious stones

A fine selection of contemporary jewellery  using precious and refractory metals to give a unique piece of handmade Jewellery. 
Hand made on Skye, hallmarked with the millennium hallmark at the Edinburgh Assay Office. 
These pieces really are once in a millennium as no two pieces are alike. 

Please enquire for ring sizes and choice of stones.

Silver and cold enamel brooch


Silver Brooch with cold enamel and hand engraving

The bold contemporary uses of colour and hand engraving are inspired from artists such as Miro, Picasso and Matisse.

We will be happy to quote you for commissioned pieces, in gold silver or a mixed media of refractory metals such as niobium/titanium and cold enamel.


Niobium Brooch

Niobium Brooch with cold enamel, acid etching and hand engraving

Niobium brooch on an acid etched silver back with hand-engraving and cold enamel.

These small works of art will bring colour and interest to any garment or as a stand alone piece of art in its own right.


For more information on the pieces above or exhibition dates please  get in touch. All commissions are priced and timescaled individually as all prices are hand made and require different and individual fabrication.

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